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Buying HOTDIVE Equipments

Will this case compatible to my iPhone and Android phone?

Yes. The HotDive is compatible with all iPhones and Android phones as long as the size is smaller than 164mm(6.45inch) x 84mm(3.3inch).

How much depth I can dive?

You can dive up to 80m with the HotDive.

What is the difference between Hotdive H2 and Hotdive H2 pro?

The HotDive H2 does not have a dive computer while the HotDive H2 Pro has.

Will my smartphone be safe?

Yes. The HotDive uses a smart air pump system and sealed structure to create a vacuum in the case. This means you don’t need to worry about water or depth pressure affecting your smartphone.

Buying HOTDIVE Equipments

How do I know if my phone is compatible with this device?

We provided a PDF file where you can find whether your cellphone is suitable for our device, please click the question title for more detailed information.

Buying HOTDIVE Equipments

How To Use The Smart Diving Cellphone Case3 ?

HotDive Underwater housing. How to use it correctly.


O-ring maintenance: The o-ring of our smart phone housings will need a very slight film of lubricant to assure proper installation. Common Causes of underwater camera/phone/housing floods

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