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O-ring maintenance

The o-ring of our smart phone housings will need a very slight film of lubricant to assure proper installation.

  • After every dive day, you should clean and re-lube the o-rings and grooves: Do this on the housing o-ring. 

  • Do not over-lubricate the o-rings. Just a little bit is fine. Make sure you use the o-ring grease supplied by the manufacturer.

  • Use a high-quality paper towel to clean the groove the o-ring was in. First, remove the o-ring; wipe out any dirt from the groove using a q-tip, with a paper towel underneath it. Gently wipe off the o-ring, being very careful not to stretch it. I usually wipe the o-rings off with my fingers, gently feeling for any dirt or particles. Wash the o-ring off if it has sand on it that won't come off, or if it is really dirty. Use an air-blower to blow off any hairs or dust from the groove, and relubricate the o-ring with a small amount of lube that your housing manufacturer suggests. Look at the o-ring one last time, and again being careful not to stretch the o-ring, place the o-ring back in.


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