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Lynn Toler – July 10, 2021

FINALLY had a day to try out my HOTDIVE case. Firstly, when I pulled it out on the dive boat, it drew a crowd. Everyone wanted to know what it was and how it worked. After the dive, people gathered around and were very impressed with the quality and clarity of the pictures! And I want to add, we got down to 101 feet and it still worked flawless!

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Tony Audrey Keller – July 10, 2021

I really like the amazing pictures I got using this housing with my iPhone 12 Pro. It’s very easy to set up and syncs easily using Bluetooth technology. I would not recommend doing this on a rocking boat however. Try to complete the setup as close to the actual dive as you possibly can because your iPhone battery will drain quickly, mine lasted for 1 3/4 dives until dead. I had 100% on the phone pre-dive. I shot 206 pictures, and seven 2 to 3 minute videos. There is a really good 38-minute video on YouTube on how to work this amazing item. I no longer have to lug a Huge underwater camera on dives. The pictures you can take with your iPhone are breathtaking. All in all, although some may say “pricey”, but it does so much. It’s rated for 130 feet, but these days I don’t go much below 60, or 70 feet max, since I’m older. I’m very happy with this housing, and plan on using it again, and again. The case is nice that comes with it too, compartments for everything. I would definitely recommend this to my dive buddies. One last thing I didn’t like is when the low battery warning on your iPhone screen comes on, there is no way (that I know of) to clear it since you can’t physically touch the screen, but it will still take pictures, and videos. Hope this helps.

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Kate Nicole – July 12, 2021

So much easier than using a GoPro. I’d rather have the images ready on my phone. I just popped my phone in, and it automatically connected to use the exterior camera button. I’ll be taking this on every beach trip. I did buy a floating wrist strap just in case.

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NARWHAL technology co.,ltd was founded in 2015. is located in Dongguan Guangdong, it has two brands, PUFFER and HOTDIVE. In the past 6years, we have been committed to R&D and the production of products related to diving and swimming. And had 3 series of products that include drowning-proof bracelets, min scubas, and smart diving cellphone cases. We are a team that consists of mostly scuba enthusiasts including excellent software engineers, hardware engineers, and structural engineers. With our innovation and high-efficiency service, we have absorbed many experienced fans worldwide to provide good suggestions and ideas that boost us to create more popular products. We uphold the product design concept to make diving simple, and always to provide customers with high-quality diving and swimming-related products and services. We focus on the field, constantly innovate, and persist in creating admirable products for customers with new technologies and new concepts.

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