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HotDive Scuba Tank 0.5L | Mini Scuba Dive Cylinder with 10-14 Minutes Capability

Model: P300

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Mini Scuba Oxygen Tank -The high-pressure hand pump's pumping time is about 600 times for a 0.5L tank, it will take 10~15 mins to finish it, available time according to people's s different vital capacities, diving skills, water depth usually is about 5-10mins. Simple to us, make diving easier!

HotDive Scuba Tank 1L | Portable Scuba Dive Cylinder with 14-20 Minutes Capability

Model: P400

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After eight months of hard work, all the technical backbone of the company broke through many difficulties and finally tested successfully. No matter the constant pressure accuracy, the airflow output, the explosion safety accuracy, and so on, can reach the industry-leading level.

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